A few words about Tiny’s Grand Adventure

It’s with a heavy heart that Candlelight Studios announces that development on Tiny’s Grand Adventure has been temporarily put on hold. For the time being all of the studio’s effort is being put into Untold Story, a NES-style RPG with modern influences. To stay in touch with Candlelight Studios, and find out more about Untold Story, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

We’d like to thank all of our fans for supporting us, and hope we can deliver them the game they deserve with Untold Story.

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Tiny’s Grand Adventure NOW ON STEAM GREENLIGHT!

Hey everyone! Sorry for going quiet for a bit, I’ve been hard at work on Tiny’s Grand Adventure! Tiny’s is a 2D, side-scrolling shooter, for the PC (I’d like to put it on other consoles/Wii U in the future). Tiny’s features exciting gameplay that pulls inspiration from the fighting game genre, as well as an exciting story and hats (yes, hats)!

Much like Flying Home, Tiny’s was made by one developer (me!), and is a labor of love.

Right now we’re on Steam Greenlight, in the hope of getting on Steam, so please vote “Yes” @: Tiny’s Grand Adventure Steam Greenlight Page !

There will be loads (LOADS!) more news about Tiny’s Grand Adventure, so stay tuned!

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