The Empty Inn – NOW ON STEAM!

Hey guys,

Got some big news today: The Empty Inn is now on Steam! You can check it out below:

Honestly, I’m feeling a lot of different feelings right now… I’m anxious, excited, intrigued, happy, relieved… just so many different, amazing feelings! If you like the game, then feel free to give me a buzz on twitter @CandlelightStudios!

I’ll be writing a postmortem about the game which should go live on Thursday. I’ve also got a few other things coming, so stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone for their support and kindness, and I hope you enjoy the game!


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A quick update on The Empty Inn on Steam, and Untold Story

Hey everyone!

I just thought I’d give you a super quick update on what’s going on!

The Empty Inn on Steam

As you guys know, The Empty Inn very recently got accepted onto Steam through Steam Greenlight. Since then I’ve been working hard on integrating the Steam API with The Empty Inn and enabling things like achievements and the Steam overlay. I can confirm to everyone right now that the Steam version of The Empty Inn will have:

– Achievements,
– Steam cards,
– Steam badges,
– Steam backgrounds,
– Steam emotes,
– A secret ending to the game,
– More balancing,
– Code fixing/refactoring.

I’ve finished all of the Steam integration, and I’m currently working on putting the finishing touches on the secret ending for the game. This ending will go into a fair amount of detail about the events of The Empty Inn and I think fans will really enjoy it. It’s going to be tough unlocking it though, as to unlock it you’ll need to collect orbs found around the inn. These orbs can only be collected on the hardest difficulty (EXTREME MODE!), which has been made a little bit harder since the last patch.

On top of all of this stuff, I’ve also fixed a few leftover bugs and I’ll be fixing a few more over this weekend as I refactor some of the code for two of the game’s problem areas (the save system and the ghost spawn). Both of this areas of the game were fixed in the last patch, however some users did have some minor bugs which I intend to squash.

With this in mind, I’m intending to release The Empty Inn on Steam late next week! (PS: All of these updates will also come to the version)!

Untold Story

Before The Empty Inn, there was Untold Story. Untold Story never went away, with it merely being put on hold until I finished The Empty Inn. Unfortunately the code for Untold Story was left in a bit of a state. So, I’ve been working on a new prototype for the game which will alter a lot of the core gameplay previously stated (for the better), HOWEVER the story outlined for the game will stay pretty much the same.

I think the best way to sum up the changes to Untold Story is with the word reboot. Untold Story is being rebuilt from the ground up and is a reboot of the game, with me putting in all of the knowledge I gained from Flying Home, The Empty Inn and the last Untold Story. Also, don’t worry, as the game is still an 8-bit, JRPG and will continue to use the same art-style as The Empty Inn. The new battle system will also be fast and tactical, much like the old one.

Suffice to say the new Untold Story is looking pretty awesome so far, and I’m really excited about the new content pipeline that I’ve programmed for the game which will make it significantly easier to add plenty of quality content to the game.

In light of this, Untold Story will be getting a new mini-site in the near future. For this reason, I’ve temporarily removed Untold Story from the press section of the site and from the mini-site header and they’ll be re-added again soon.

Another reason for Untold Story’s removal from the site is that I am currently attempting to seek funding for the game from the various indie labels/funders, and I don’t want to confuse people about the project with the old mini-site and press sites hanging around.

So… I hope that gives everyone a good update about what’s going on! With The Empty Inn’s Steam launch next week, and more news about Untold Story coming soon, it looks like the next half of this year for Candlelight Studios is going to get very crazy!

Thanks for reading guys!


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The Empty Inn has been Greenlit!

Hey everyone,

Today I’m really really happy to announce that The Empty Inn has been accepted onto Steam!

I hope to get a Steam build available within the next couple of weeks however there’s a fair amount of paper work to complete and SDKs to integrate, so it might take a little bit longer than that! I’m also working on other projects *cough* Untold Story *cough* as well…

Nonetheless… soon you’ll be able to buy and play The Empty Inn on Steam! Yay!

Thank you to everyone who voted for the game on Greenlight and spread the word, I deeply appreciate it!!! I can’t wait to get the Steam version of The Empty Inn into your hands!

Thanks guys!


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The Empty Inn is now on Steam Greenlight!

The Empty Inn is now on Steam Greenlight! Want to help us get onto Steam? Then do one of the following:

1) Click here and you’ll get taken to the Steam Greenlight page WITHIN your Steam client! Please note, that this will only work if your Steam client is located in your C drive.

2) Visit (or just click on the link!), which will open up the Steam Greenlight page in your web browser. You’ll need to login to Steam and then you can vote.

3) Go to Steam Greenlight in your Steam Client (click on Community on your Steam toolbar, it’s next to Library, and then Steam Greenlight on the drop-down menu), and then search for The Empty Inn.

Thank you so much for taking the time to vote for us out! With your help, The Empty Inn should be on Steam in no time!



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The Empty Inn – Game Updated (HARD and EXTREME MODE ADDED!) and more!

Hey everyone!

So if you didn’t see my tweet last week then you’re in for a surprise!

Last week I updated the build of The Empty Inn and added two new difficulty modes: Hard mode and EXTREME Mode.

Hard mode is just like the normal mode, but your light dims significantly quicker. EXTREME Mode on the other-hand only gives the player one health, as well as randomises match placement and increases how quickly your light dims. It’s pretty safe to say that EXTREME mode is only for the hardest of hardcore gamers.

Having said that, I feel like the EXTREME mode could be a bit harder… but I’ll let you guys determine that ;)!

I’m hoping to do another update to The Empty Inn within the next couple of days, this will just be a small bug-fix patch, after which I’ll upload The Empty Inn to Steam Greenlight and send the game off to a few more Youtubers/press outlets.

That’s pretty much what I’m up to at the moment! Aside from sorting out press/PR for The Empty Inn, I’m working on a few other projects right now, but nothing to report just yet… but maybe I’ll have something to show off soon!

Until then – Happy gaming!

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The Empty Inn – Out now… and it’s free!

Hello everyone!

I’m proud to finally announce that The Empty Inn has been released… for free! That’s right; you can now download and play The Empty Inn without paying a dime! Having said that, there is the option to pay-what-you-want and give us some cash if you wish to support us.

What are you waiting for? Click here, download The Empty Inn, and start playing!

Don’t know what The Empty Inn is? Then watch the trailer below:

I’d also like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone who was waiting for The Empty Inn to launch!

I know that I announced that the game would be release on Thursday 7th May… and then it didn’t and for that, I’m sorry. I’m hoping to write up a lengthy post-mortem about The Empty Inn’s development, explaining what happened and why the game’s release was pushed back so far. So stay tuned!

For now, go play, and enjoy, The Empty Inn!


PS: For those of you who have been asking, The Empty Inn’s Humble Widget will be coming back within the next 2-3 days, we’re just waiting for them to upload the build! Thanks!

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The Empty Inn Release Date Revealed (Plus New Trailer)!

Hey everyone!

Today I’m proud to announce that The Empty Inn’s release date will be 7th May 2015, and that the game will retail for $2.99.

The Empty Inn is a 2D, experimental-horror game with 8-bit, NES-style, pixel art and puzzle-exploration gameplay. With only a small lamp in hand, the player is required to solve puzzles and explore the vacant inn, ensuring they keep their lamp lit along the way. If your light goes out then the monster will show its face…

The Empty Inn is a short, polished experience that is close to my heart. I thoroughly enjoyed making the game, and I hope the excitement I had for the game during it’s creation comes accross as you play through it on the 7th May!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a release date announcement without a trailer, so without further adeu, here is the release trailer for The Empty Inn:

You can purchase The Empty Inn at the game’s mini-site, as well as view screenshots and find out more information about the game. To go to the mini-site, click here!

I hope you guys enjoy The Empty Inn when it finally launches, I can’t wait to see what you think!


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The Empty Inn – Price Reduction

Hey guys,

Today we changed the permanent price of The Empty Inn from $4.99, to $2.99. This change was made to ensure that we provide a fantastic gaming experience to customers for an amazing low price.

But what if I brought the game for $4.99?!

Then you’ll be refunded the full amount, and you get to keep a copy of the game! This is our way of saying thank you to our fans for supporting us early on, and to give something back for changing the game’s price. We can garuntee you that mistakes like this won’t happen again.

If you have any problems/questions then just email me at joshua.temblett[at]!

Thanks for the support guys, The Empty Inn will be launching very soon!



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