The Empty Inn is now on Steam Greenlight!

The Empty Inn is now on Steam Greenlight! Want to help us get onto Steam? Then do one of the following:

1) Click here and you’ll get taken to the Steam Greenlight page WITHIN your Steam client! Please note, that this will only work if your Steam client is located in your C drive.

2) Visit (or just click on the link!), which will open up the Steam Greenlight page in your web browser. You’ll need to login to Steam and then you can vote.

3) Go to Steam Greenlight in your Steam Client (click on Community on your Steam toolbar, it’s next to Library, and then Steam Greenlight on the drop-down menu), and then search for The Empty Inn.

Thank you so much for taking the time to vote for us out! With your help, The Empty Inn should be on Steam in no time!



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