2D, 8-Bit, NES-Style, Horror-Exploration Game

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The Empty Inn is a 2D, horror game with 8-bit, NES-style, pixel art and puzzle-exploration gameplay. With only a small lamp in hand, the player is required to solve puzzles and explore the vacant inn, ensuring they keep their lamp lit along the way. If your light goes out then the monster will show its face…

A thrilling horror game which provides the player with nothing more than a lamp and darkness to explore. Relying less on jump scares, and more on atmospheric and environmental tension, The Empty Inn is an unnerving experience.

Solve fiendish puzzles whilst ensuring you keep your lamp lit. You’ll be forced to scavenge the once populated inn to survive and to get to the bottom of its current existence.

Experience a shocking story as you play under a watchful eye which constantly judges and belittles you as you uncover more of the mysteries which haunt The Empty Inn.

Made by one developer, The Empty Inn is an untainted vision which experiments with the elements that define horror gaming by creating an experience which is attempts scare the player in a more meaningful way.

The Empty Inn is available for $3.99!

"Something about The Empty Inn's presentation makes it look very uncomfortable... The sound of the rain, the dim glow of your candle, and the quiet inn build a powerful dread, even just from the trailer." - Joel Couture, IndieGames.com

"The Empty Inn provides brief shelter from the high-res multiplayer madness that most of us subscribe to. It's an overnight stay in the haunted halls of your childhood nostalgia. It doesn't last long, so try to enjoy each spooky minute." - Chris Saltel​, Eat-Prey-Game.com

Whether you’re an interested member of the press or an excited fan, contact the developer of “The Empty Inn” at Joshua.Temblett[at]Candlelight-Studios[dot]com!

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